Urbanism Perception: Urban Planning in Muscat? tell me about it!

We read, we learn, we hear about it, however, what is your opinion?

As part of a research study to understand what makes urban planning in Muscat, we are looking forward to hear the nations opinion on what makes urban planning in Muscat.

Let us know! Fill in the form below.


  1. Hi, are you part of the peiple behind this project? removing commercial establishments from residential areas? It is a big no for me. What should be done is to allocate the ground and upto 2nd floor of a building for commercial use and the succeeding floors should be residential areas only. This move will create chaos. A deeper plunge into the problem facing real estate in the country. The government should focus on supporting microbusinesses as they can help in generating funds and work inside the country. C'mon look around you? Soon buildings up for rent will outnumber the ones with tenants. This is the future of this country. Also make a law which forbids a high rent fee on businesses and also try to have a ceiling rent fee for commercial establishments. This way a new product/business will survive the dry months and not close up shop immediately a few months or after a year of launching. It is not always take take take. You have to give and Oman has a potential to be more than the rest of the GCC countries. It is just the lack of planning and random rules which make life harder for both its citizens and expats alike. Goodluck Oman. I will be leaving you soon. In sha Allah we might meet again. Hopefully things will be brighter then.

    1. Thank you for your comment! quite an interesting view.
      We are not part of any governmental organisation, nor private. We are a group of researchers that are trying to understand the planning situation based on the on-ground applications from the perspective of the city inhabitants (Omanis and Expatriates included). We aim on sharing these opinions publicly as we believe in order to progress in sustainable and inclusive Muscat, we need to start a discussion.
      I would encourage you to fill the survey, as we need diverse opinions of the city residents.


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